Upflow Valve Whole House Carbon Filter

Fountainhead Upflow Valve Whole House Carbon Filters

As you might guess from the name, upflow systems basically function as a downflow filter in reverse.  Instead of water flowing down through the filter media from the top of the tank, water travels down the distributor tube and flows back up through the filter media – carbon, in this case – and out of the tank.

Up-flow systems direct the water in the up-flow direction of the system. The water comes into the water system tank and flows through an upper basket and then down a riser tube in the middle of the tank. Once the water reaches the bottom of the riser tube it is then distributed through a lower basket attached to the riser tube. The water then flows from the bottom of the tank through the filter media in a swirling motion. The swirling motion is created by the reaction of the water coming out of the lower basket coming in contact with the bottom of the filter tank which is rounded or curved. An up-flow design eliminates the need for backwashing on most filters because the filter media is continuously being fluffed each time the water flows through the tank. Another advantage to an up-flow design is the amount of contact time the untreated water has with the filter media. An up-flow design also forces the filter media to swirl which in turn allows the media to have longer contact time with the water yielding better results.


 Upflow filters are better suited to filtering city water than well water, as they are not equipped to handle sediment, rust, and odors like a downflow backwash filter. If you have sediment in your water, please add a sediment filter to your system. Because upflow carbon filters don’t go through backwash cycles, they also don’t create the wastewater that a backwashing filter would. A backwash cycle can use up to 60 gallons per cycle.

This system is easy to set up. With this system you will receive:his system is easy to set up. With this system you will receive:
  • 1 9x48" 1 cf 10x54" 1.5 cf FRP vessel.
  • 1 Upflow Valve with adapters.
  • Carbon Media
  • By pass valve

When installing any system, please make sure that if you are hard plumbing this, the connection should be level, and a straight fit to your valve. Any discrepancy can torque the valve and cause leaks. You could also use flexible steel connections to avoid this.